A free open-source registry for permanently hosting small scripts

Api is a free registry service meant for hosting small (≤ 20kB) single deno scripts. All uploaded scripts are immutable and will not be changed nor deleted unless there is a legal reason or if it is found to be malicious.

To use simply upload a file with one of the supported file extensions (ts, tsx, mts, js, jsx, mjs) and if successful you will recieve a permanent link to said file. This link may be used in deno or browsers import and automatically serve the correct Content-Type header. An optional extension may be added to the end of the url but is not necessary as it is automatically redirected to.

A custom name may also be requested to be associated with your uploaded scripts. These aliases are versioned and can be updated with new tags unlike the raw links for a script which are permanent and therefor not versioned. To request an alias a GitHub account login is required to prevent abuse.
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